Cybersurfing: Dark Knight in AFI's Top Ten & Shatner's Fake Fued with Abrams

The American Film Institute has released its lists of the Top Ten films of 2008. Typically, these critical assessments tend to downplay science-fiction, fantasy, and horror films, but the AFI list includes THE DARK KNIGHT, THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON, WALL-E and IRON MAN.’s Sci Fi Scanner has an interview with William Shatner, in which he claims that his feud with director J. J. Abrams about not being cast in the new STAR TREK movie is fake:

There’s more of a game going on than most people realize. The game reached its apex when J.J. said somewhere on-camera “When did my life become William Shatner talking to me on YouTube?”
[…]That made the whole thing worthwhile to me. I laughed out loud because that was the whole idea, to goad him into some kind of reaction — to manipulate the airwaves to get to him. It was really just for fun, and he obviously got it: It’s a public love letter to J.J., and I hope he’s laughing as much as I am because I’m having a delightful time.

Shatner goes on to say that, when first approached about the movie, he was shown a fake script, and that his TREK novel Collision Course, about the early days of the Kirk-Spock relationship was not a response to Abrams’ movie (which also takes a look back at the old days).

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