Cybersurfing: Crimes of the Future

CHILDREN OF MEN SCRIBE GOES TRAVELING THROUGH TIME: Timothy J. Sexton, who co-wrote the screenplay for CHILDREN OF MEN, has been signed to script a big-budget remake of TIME CRIMES, a little low-budget foreign-language movie that earned some attention at the Sundance film festival. Apparently, Sexton has also been brought on board to rewrite the in-development remake of LOGAN’S RUN, so he is becoming something of a sci-fi specialist.
Now, taking a look at what our affiliates have been up to recently… informs us that more victims have been added to the cast of the FRIDAY THE 13TH remake; Danish director Lars von Trier (THE KINGDOM) will shoot a horror film titled ANTICHRIST in Germany this summer; and the winners of the DIARY OF THE DEAD contest (whose short subjects will appear on the upcoming DVD) have been selected.
Horror Movie a Day empties LAKE DEAD, a film that we reviewed last year, when it was released as part of After Dark’s 8 Films to Die For.
The Vault of Horror compares the three films versions of Richard Matheson’s novel I Am Legend (which we reviewed here). Somewhat surprisingly, Brian Solomon selects 1964’s THE LAST MAN ON EARTH as the best, praising the performance of Vincent Price (whom Matheson considered wrong for the part). Solomon, who has not read the novel, also mistakenly assumes that the creatures in the Will Smith I AM LEGEND were closest to those in the book – an honor that actually belongs to LAST MAN ON EARTH.

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