Cybersurfing: Catching Up

It’s been a few days since last we cast off from shore for trip through the inky black vastness of the Intertubes, sifting through cyberspace in search of sci-fi news. Here is the latest…
Death Race 3000 Photos
‘House of Re-Animator’ Put on the Back-burner
Is the Independent Horror Market in Trouble?
Composer of classic Star Trek theme dies
‘Star Trek’ Producer Justman Dead at 81
Fantasy King just can’t fail (interview with Andrew Adamson, director of the SHREK and NARNAI films)
Roy Thinnes talks The Invaders
In Documentary, Harlan Ellison’s Dreams Get Sweeter
Ridley Scott discusses Andromeda Strain
Zimmer brings ‘punk attitude’ to Batman with ‘The Dark Knight’
L’Interieur directors asked to helm Halloween 2
“Fear” factor high in NBC horror series
DePalma to direct Boston Stranglers
Kung Fu Panda review
Stuck: At last, a horror movie worth watching

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