Cybersurfing: A lament for Stargate Atlantis

Over at the Los Angeles Times, David Tischman laments the demise of STARGATE: ATLANTIS, but sees hope in a spin-off series down the road:

THE Sci Fi Channel canceled “Stargate Atlantis” this month, less than halfway through its fifth season. And indeed, the episodes have been disappointing so far, with no new plot twists to enhance the show’s wormhole-jumping science fiction mythology. The big cast change — adding ” Star Trek: Voyager’s” Robert Picardo as the city’s new administrator — hit with all the power of a phaser set on Blah.
But science fiction fans are loyal, even when our heroes are treading water — the box office receipts for “Revenge of the Sith” prove that — and the next batch of episodes in what is now “Atlantis’ ” final season do get better. Much better. In fact, the midseason two-part finale (airing at the end of September), features a very smart (very big) surprise.
The new episodes of “Atlantis” continue to air until the end of 2008, with a finale set for the series’ 100th episode. The show will live on in syndication, and in original DVD movies (as “SG-1” has done successfully). A new “Stargate” series, “Stargate Universe,” with new characters, has been announced, and is set to premiere sometime in 2009.
In that new series, the cast is trapped on a ship at the edge of the galaxy, with no way to get back to Earth. That sounds a lot like “Star Trek: Voyager” — the least popular of all the “Star Trek” spin-offs — which spent seven seasons replaying the tragic notion that the crew was lost in space, unable to reach home. But sci-fi fans know how that turned out. Just ask Robert Picardo.

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