Cybersurfing 04/05/08

hauer-as-batty-copy.JPGREPLICANTS OUT WEST: Rutger Hauer, who played replicant Roy Batty in BLADE RUNNER, will star in a horror Western for executive producer John Woo. Titled HIGH MOON (which sounds a bit like goofy werewolf spoof), the film will co-star Cillian Murphy (SUNSHINE).
LORD OF THE FLIES AS A TEMPLATE FOR SCIENCE-FICTION: Solar Flare speculates that William Golding’s classic of speculative fiction may serve as a template for future science-fiction stories in which “social interactions have been broken down into micro-niches all with their own agendas and with a disinterest in the needs of others.” Interesting concept, based on our current capacity (thanks to the Internet) to connect with others based not on geographical proximity or blood relationships, but on similar interests.
In BATTLESTAR GALACTICA V DOCTOR WHO: IT’S THE GREAT SCI-FI SHOOT-OUT, the Times Onlines makes the case for the superiority of the short-lived Sci Fi Channel show over the venerable BBC classic. Rather an apples and oranges kind of comparision, we think.
THINLY VEILED ALLEGORIES ABOUT THE MIDDLE EAST IN U.S. SCIENCE FICTION: offers a list of films and one book in which they spot commentary on US-Middle East relations. The similarities in STARSHIP TROOPERS and STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE seem pretty generic, but it’s pretty clear that the allegory in DUNE is more intentional.
THIS IS SPARTA: Shadowplay, David Cairn’s film blog, gives cogent reading of 300 that examines the film’s conservative politics and (perhaps inadvertent) homo-eroticism.

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