Clash of the Titans theatrical release

Clash of the Titans (2010)
A giant scorpion, one of the film's many mythical monsters

Warner Brothers releases this elaborate remake of the 1981 original. The new version replaces Ray Harryhausen’s old stop-motion monsters with modern computer-generated imagery, and best of all – it’s in 3D! Loosely adapted from Greek mythology, the story has Perseus (AVATAR’s Sam Worthington) out to slay the Gordon, in order to use its power to defeat the Kraken, an undersea creature that demands human sacrifice. Liam Neeson (as Zeus), Ralph Fiennes (as Hades), Gemma Arterton, Nicholas Hoult, Alexa Davalos, Danny Houston, and Polly Walker round out the cast for director Louis Leterrier, whose THE INCREDIBLE HULK was a lot of fun. Travis Beacham and Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi wrote the new script, based on Beverley Cross screenplay for the 1981 version.

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