Cinefantastique Web Surfing 02/14/08

MY HEART BLEEDS FOR YOU: In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Blood-Spattered Scribe reviews the 1981 slasher film MY BLOODY VALENTINE. His assessment: It’s not that good, but Valentine-themed horror films are rare, so it was either this or VALENTINE, director Jamie Blanks’ nearly forgotten follow-up to URBAN LEGENDS. (Blanks’ more recent STORM WARNING, however, is quite good. Read our review here.) Over at Horror Movie a Day, BC also reviews MY BLOOD VALENTINE but comes to the exact opposite conclusion of the Scribe.
WHEN SCIENCE MEETS FICTION: MSNBC’s Cosmic Log offers an article about the science of teleportation as seen in JUMPER, opening today. Director Doug Liman consulted with physicists at MIT. Although the concept requires a “leap of faith,” Liman tried to stay true to physics within that context.
IF SCI-FI GEEKS RAN HOLLYWOOD: TechRepublic rehashes an article from SF Signal that asked sci-fi writers, editors, and bloggers how they would change Tinseltown for the better.
DARIO ARGENTO BOX SET: Esplatter alerts us to this upcoming summer release from Anchor Bay, which will include such titles as PHENOMENA, TENEBRE, TRAUMA, THE CARD PLAYER, and DO YOU LIKE HITCHCOCK? The titles have been previously available in limited editions, but older ones are long out of print.
A TALE OF TWO SISTERS: Based on a test screening, BC (of Horror Movie a Day) offers a negative review of the American remake of the well-regarded 2003 Korean horror film (which we reviewed here). The new version is described as lacking suspense and scares, with the entire story spelled out in a way that is insultingly obvious.
CHINA SCARED OF HORROR: The Economic Times reports that China has “banned the sale of audio and video products with ‘elements’ of mystery and horror” in order to “protect the ‘psychological development of the country’s children and teenagers.” The General Administration of Press and Publications deemed this subject matter “unfit for children and extremely harmful fo their psychological development.” This is apparently part of an on-gong crackdown that started in 2006 in reaction to a Japanese manga called “Death Note,” about a notebook that “killed” people whose names were written in it.
“DARKPLACE” MOCKS HORROR GENRE: Over at the Northerner, Kenneth England alerts us to an obscure 2004 Brit show currently airing during late night hours on Adult Swim. The premise is that you are watching a badly made ’80s sci-fi show, with low-production values, intercut with interviews of the people who worked on the program. [NOTE: the title of the article identifies the show as “Darkside,” but the actual text uses the title “Darkplace.”]

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