Cinefantastique 19:1-2

Cinefantastique - January 1989The January 1989 double issue of Cinefantastique (Volume 19, Numbers 1 & 2) magazine features an extensive cover story on the career of “Vincent Price: Horror’s Crown Prince.” This survey of Price’s fifty years in Hollywood and his legacy in the genre was written by Steve Biodrowski with David Del Valle and Lawrence French, with interviews, sidebars, and other contributions from Christopher Lee, Alice Cooper, Hazel Court, Robert Quary, Gordon Hessler, Roger Corman, Douglas Hickox, and Bill Kelly. The issue also includes feature articles on ELVIRA – MISTRESS OF THE DARK, David Cronenberg’s DEAD RINGERS, the making of Stuart Gordon’s ROBOJOX and Neil Jordan’s HIGH SPRITIS, and the animation of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT; previews of John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE, Ken Russell’s LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM, and Gene Roddenberry’s STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION; and a retrospective on the 1958 version of THE BLOB. You can access articles from this issue under the Archives listing for January 1989.
Contents for this issue are:
2 Sense of Wonder by Frederick S. Clarke
4 Sherlock and Me – preview by Alan Jones
6 Robojox – article by Dennis Fischer
12 They Live – preview by Dennis Fischer
14 Hellbound: Hellraiser II – preview by Alan Jones
16 High Spirits – article by Alan Jones
22 Coming: Previews of…

  • Scrooged – Steve Biodrowski
  • The Wolves of Willoughby Chase – Alan Jones
  • War of the Worlds – Gary Kimper
  • Pumpkinhead – Bob Morrish
  • Stepmother is an Alien – Dan Scapperotti
  • Cocoon: The Return Todd French
  • Alien Nation – Patrick Hobby
  • The Land Before Time – Steve Biodrowski
  • Child’s Play – Frederick S. Clarke
  • Halloween 4 – Dennis Fischer and Eric Gilmartin
  • Lucky Stiff – Todd French
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation – Mark Dawidziak
  • Watchers – Robin Brunet
  • Cyborg – Tim Hewitt
  • Freddy’s Nightmares – Mark Dawidziak

32 Who Drew “Roger Rabbit”?– article by Sheldon Teitelbaum

  • 34 Who Framed Roger Rabbit?– review by Allen Malmquist

36 Something Is Out There– preview by Mark Dawidziak
38 Lair of the White Worm – preview by Alan Jones
40 Vincent Price: Looking Back on Fifty Years as Horror’s Crown Prince– retrospective by Steve Biodrowski, David Del Valle & Lawrence French

  • 42 Price’s 50 Years in Hollywood– filmography by Steve Biodrowski
  • 43 Introduction by Christopher Lee
  • 63 Price on Poe – interview by Lawrence French
  • 85 Behind the Mask – profile by Bill Kelly

86 Dead Ringers– article by Gary Kimber
88 The Blob– retrospective by Steve Biodrowski

  • The Keeper of the Blob– interview by Dan Smeddy
  • Lyle Conway Creates the New Blob– interview by Steve Biodrowski
  • The Remake– review by Thomas Doherty

102 Waxwork– article by Steve Biodrowski
104 Elvira, Mistress of the Dark – movie preview by Kyle Counts
108 The Complete Dune – article by Dennis Fischer
109 Reviews:

  • 109 Willow– Harry McCracken
  • 110 Wings of Desire– Vincent J. Bossone
  • 110 Visual Effects for The Seventh Sign – Kyle Counts
  • 111 The Seventh Sign – Kyle Counts
  • 112 Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood – Bill George
  • 112 The Fine Art of Spilling Heads on Friday the 13th Part VII– Kris Gilpin
  • 114 The Phantom of the Opera– Dan Scapperotti
  • 115 Was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom Inspired by Gaston Leroux? – Frederick S. Clarke
  • 115 Carrie: The Musical– Dan R. Scapperotti
  • 116 Film Ratings & Capsules: American Gothic, Badlands 2005, Bambi, Big, Big Top Pee-Wee, Da, The Dead Pool, Deep Space, Ghoulies II, Hell Comes to Frogtown, In a Shallow Grave, The Incredible Hulk Returns, I Saw What You Did, Jack’s Back, The Last Temptation of Christ, Mac and Me, Monkey Shines, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, out of Time, Phantasm II, Poltergeist III, Short Circuit 2, The Unnamable, Vibes, White of the Eye

126 Letters
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