CFQ Video Review: After Earth

In a belated edition of the Cinefantastique Video Review podcast, Steve Biodrowski dissects AFTER EARTH, the vanity project starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith, directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The film features one or two brights spots to remind us of Shyamalan’s once formidable talent, but the director over-emphasizes the sentimental aspects of a father-son trying to survive on a hostile planet, without generating any real drama or igniting the action scenes with any excitement.


CFQ Video Review: The Purge

A video review of  THE PURGE, including film clips and excerpts from the trailer. The film’s premise  (an annual 12-hour lawless free-for-all) is incredible, but THE PURGE stands as an effective political parable, earning 3 out of 5 stars on the Cinefantastique Review scale – that is, recommended viewing.
Please note: If you are wondering why the video shows up twice in this post, the second version is necessary in order to make the video show up in  Cinefantastique’s podcast feed for iTunes.

CFQ Video Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Cinefantastique Online’s first video review boldly goes on a STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. The second Enterprise outing from director J.J. Abrams does what no STAR TREK film has done before: achieve greatness for the second time in a row. On the CFQ Review scale, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS earns four out of five stars, making it a must-see not only for Trekkies but also for any fan of good science fiction cinema. And if you prefer not to take our word for it, the video format allows you to see the explosions, phasers, and lens flare for yourselves.