Sin City: A Dame To Kill For – Dossier Fantastique 5:32

In Dossier Fantastique, Volume 5, Number 32, Lawrence French and Steve Biodrowski analyze SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR. They also look at recent home video releases: THE WALKING DEAD, THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE on Blu-ray; and the 1980s version of THE TWILIGHT ZONE on DVD. Finally, after the closing credits, they forget to turn off the recorder and eventually wander off into a discussion of STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE.

The Giver & Life After Beth – Dossier Fantastique 5:31

GIver-LifeAfterBeth comp
The Giver and Life After Beth

It’s time to expand your Sense of Wonder by opening Dossier Fantastique! Volume 5:31 reveals data points on current theatrical releases THE GIVER and LIFE AFTER BETH. Listen in as special guest Andrea Lipinski joins the Cinefantastique Podcasting team of Lawrence French and Steve Biodrowski for an insight-filled discussion of the latest dystopian science fiction film – which may seem like a variation on THE HUNGER GAMES and DIVERGENT but which was actually based on a novel published before either of those franchises were a glimmer in their author’s eyes. Also available are details on this week’s home video releases.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Dossier Fantastique 5:29

Let the hate mail begin!
In the grand tradition of Cinefantastique (dating back at least to the magazine’s review of STAR WARS), Lawrence French and Steve Biodrowski rake the blockbuster box office hit GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY over the coals in this week’s Dossier Fantastique Podcast. Sure, it’s far from the worst movie ever made,  nor does it deserve the unqualified adulation heaped on it by fans and critics alike. But at least Rocket the Raccoon is cute – and funny!
Afterwards, the CFQ podcasters offer a 50th anniversary appreciation of the low-budget science fiction film THE EARTH DIES SCREAMING (1964), directed by Terence Fisher. And of course there’s the usual rundown of the week’s home video releases, including DIVERGENT, OCULUS, and  30th anniversary Blu-ray disc of Brian DePalma’s PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE (1974).

Hercules, Lucy, I Origin, Hemlock Grove – Dossier Fantastique 5:28

Hercules-Lucy composite
Dossier Fantastique Volume 5, Number 28  opens to reveal data on this week’s horror, fantasy, and science fiction movies, television, and home video. Cinefantastique podcaster Lawrence French out-muscles HERCULES and explores the optics of I ORIGIN. Meanwhile, Steve Biodrowski attempts to apply 100% of his brain to LUCY, then visits HEMLOCK GROVE for its second season. After that, it’s a look at what’s new on DVD and Blu-ray, including NOAH – the best film of the year so far.

Snowpiercer, The Signal, Dracula – Dossier Fantasitque 5:24.2

At long last, Dossier Fantastique re-opens, offering need-to-known data regarding the latest in horror, fantasy, and science fiction cinema and television. Dan Persons makes his long-awaited return, riding the rails with SNOWPIERCER, the metaphoric science fiction film from Bong-Joon Ho (THE HOST). Lawrence French receives THE SIGNAL, an indie sci-fi flick. And Steve Biodrowski unearths Dan Curtis’ DRACULA from its new Blu-ray casket.
Also this week: commentary on SALEM and PENNY DREADFUL; a long overdue obituary for artist H.R. Giger (ALIEN); and an after-credits discussion of SANTO VS. LAS MUJERAS VAMPIRO.


In Your Eyes; Deadbeat; Devil Doll – Dossier Fantastique 5:17.2

Dossier Fantastique Volume 5, Number 17.2 opens to reveal capsule comments for IN YOUR EYES and DEADBEAT. The former is a Direct-to-Video film written and produced by Joss Whedon, about a man and a woman on opposite sides of the country who share a psychic link; the latter is a new Hulu original television series, about a sorry excuse for a human being who “helps ghosts” but “can’t help himself.” After that, the Cinefantastique Podcasting crew of Lawrence French, Dan Persons, and Steve Biodrowski delve into the details of this week’s home video release, for Tuesday, April 30 – including THE LEGEND OF HERCULES, DEVIL’S DUE, and several collectors sets of GAMERA titles. Finally, there is a 50th anniversary look back at DEVIL DOLL, a 1964 black-and-white British thriller the mixes the old ventriloquist dummy scenario with elements of Svengali.
Dedicated Dossier Fanatics are advised to continue listening in after the closing credits for meandering comments on everything from TORCHWOOD to THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES to Tashen Books’ “The Making of 2001: A Space Odyssey” to TOKAIDO YOTSUYA KAIDAN (GHOST STORY OF YOTSUYA) – a colorful 1959 Japanese classic, rarely seen in the U.S. until it became available on Hulu plus.


Haunted House 2; Bamboo Saucer; Colossus – Dossier Fantastique 5:16.2

A-Haunted-House-2-Poster comp
This week, the Dossier Fantastique Podcast opens to reveal the disappointing details regarding A HAUNTED HOUSE 2, the sequel-spoof of everything from PARANORMAL ACTIVITY to SINISTER, starring Marlon Wayans. Also under the microscope is THE BAMBOO SAUCER, a Cold War relic that recently made its Blu-ray debut. For those disappointed with TRANSCENDENCE, the Cinefantastique Podcasting Crew (consisting of Lawrence French, Dan Persons, and Steve Biodrowski) introduce a new segment titled “What You Should Be Watching” – in this case, COLOSSUS: THE FORBIN PROJECT, the 1970 classic about a super-computer that takes control of the world’s nuclear arsenal. Podcast 5:16.2 winds up with a 50th anniversary look back at the German vampire flick CAVE OF THE LIVING DEAD (also known as NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRES and THE GIRL WITH THE GREEN EYES).
Hard-core fans are welcome to hang out after the credits to listen in on subsequent conversation regarding PARTICLE FEVER; critical interpretations of KING KONG (1933) as emblematic of fears of miscegenation; and the wisdom of dismissing the original 1954 version of GODZILLA for being too serious to be enjoyed as escapist science fiction.


Rio 2, Jinn, Lizzie Borden – Dossier Fantastique 15:5.2

This week, the Dossier Fantastique Podcast is overflowing with data on recent horror, fantasy, and science fiction films. Steve Biodrowski reviews recent threatrical releases RIO 2 (a computer-animated 3D comedy from the makers of ICE AGE) and JINN (a new fantasy-horror film in limited release). In a new segment titled “What You Should Be Watching,” Lawrence French explains why you should check out ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE and avoid UNDER THE SKIN. Dan Persons explains the cult pleasures, such as they are, of Troma’s direct-to-video release RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH VOLUME 1. And Steve Biodrowski wraps up with a review of LIZZIE BORDEN TOOK AN AX, starring Christina Ricci, the Lifetime telefilm based on the real-life horror story, which is now available on DVD. Plus, the usual look at what’s new on home video.


Only Lovers Left Alive, Under the Skin – Dossier Fantastique 5:14.2

Only Lovers Left Alive, Under the Skin
Dossier Fantastique is overflowing with data this week, offering capsule reviews of new horror, fantasy, and science fiction films in theatres and on home video:

  • Lawrence French enlightens us to the joys of Jim Jarmusch’s indie vampire flick ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, with Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton, which will hit theatres this Friday after a year on the festival circuit.
  • Steve Biodrowski endures the “wonders” of the over-rated UNDER THE SKIN, starring Scarlett Johansson, which opened on Friday, April 4.
  • Dan Persons recounts the direct-to-video virtues of OUTPOST: RISE OF THE SPETSNAZ (a.k.a. OUTPOST 3: RISE OF THE SPETSNAZ), which hit store shelves a few weeks ago.

Also reviewed: AFFLICTED and ALIEN ADBUCTION, two films that made their theatrical debut on Friday while simultaneously becoming available via Video on Demand services, such as And you get the usual run-down of what’s opening on home video on Tuesday, April 8.


Dossier 5-13.2: Locker 13, About Time, Last Man on Earth, Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

This week, the Dossier Fantastique Podcast is joined by special guest John W. Morehead of TheoFantastique, for a look at what’s new in theatres and on home video in the genres of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Dan Persons opens LOCKER 13, a new low-budget anthology horror film in limited theatrical release and on Video on Demand. Steve Biodrowski talks ABOUT TIME, the time-travel romance comedy from writer-director Richard Curtis, now available on DVD and Blu-ray. Morehead and Lawrence French take a 50th anniversary tour of the end of the world as we know it, courtesy of THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (1964), starring Vincent Price as the sole survivor of a plague of vampires. And don’t forget to stick around for a post-credits autopsy of the Season 4 finale of THE WALKING DEAD.