'Captain America' Locations – In UK

Captain_America__P_CropBBC News reports that Marvel Studios’ CAPTAIN AMERICA: The First Avenger will be using locations in Liverpool and Manchester for filming to begin in the coming weeks.
Susan Williams, drama liaison manager of the Vision+Media film office said that Manchester’s Northern Quarter will fill in for New York City in a car chase scene.

“We suggested the area to Marvel as its wide streets, towering buildings and pre-war architecture will make the perfect 1940s New York.”

Stanley Docks Liverpool - MerseyGateway org
Stanley Docks Liverpool - MerseyGateway org

How-Do.co.uk supplied the additional information that Liverpool’s Stanley Docks area will provide the setting for an action sequence involving a large scale WWII submarine mock-up.
Since the iconic U.S. superhero film is being shot in the U.K., I guess these locations make sense. I’m  more concerned with the seemingly grudging and revisionist attitude Marvel and director Joe Johnston appear to be taking to the inherently patriotic nature of the character.

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