Can Dracula save the Senator?

HORROR OF DRACULA (1958) is among the classic films screening as part of an effort ot raise money and forestall forclosure of the 70-year-old Senator Theatre in North Baltimore. Being a resurrection figure himself, maybe the Count can revive the fortunes of the venerable landmark. In a move that Hammer Films – the company that produced HOROR OF DRACULA – probably never imagined, the vampire flick will be screening alongside the Oscar-winning films CABARET and THE GODFATHER. As the article notes:

Horror of Dracula, an early entry in the horror canon perfected by Britain’s Hammer Films, stars Lee as the world’s pre-eminent bloodsucker. Says Baltimore Sun movie critic Michael Sragow, "The blood dripping from a vampire’s lips was never more erotic than in Christopher Lee’s virile impersonation of Count Dracula."

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