Bryan Bertino To Find This Man

Director Bryan Bertino
Director Bryan Bertino

According to Deadline New York Bryan Bertino (THE STRANGERS) has been hired by Sam Raimi’s production company, Ghost House Pictures, to direct their latest horror-come-thriller, THIS MAN. The film was inspired by an Italian sociologist’s website (yes, you read that correctly) for which the company picked up the rights to adapt and have asked Bertino to direct.

THIS MAN centres on ordinary man who discovers that people he has never met have somehow seen him in their nightmares and the aforementioned real-life website helps those who claim to have seen him for real connect with one another. Raimi calls it, “a hair raising story that will be sure to delight horror fans.” THE STRANGERS was a decent film (even if it wasn’t quite as good as the trailers suggested) and the premise for THIS MAN is very original so it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.
THIS MAN is too far off for a release date but THE STRANGERS 2 (which Bertino wrote) is due out sometime next year.

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