Box Office: Transformers 2 passes $200-million

In another sign that cinefantastique rules the summer box office,  TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN made its debut at #1 despite spite of overwhelmingly negative critical reactions. Michael Bay’s explosive sequel to TRANSFORMERS earned an estimated $112-million in over 4,200 North American theatres over the three-day span from Friday through Sunday. The added revenue from Wednesday and Thursday (the film opened mid-week rather than waiting for Friday) yielded a five-day total of $201.2-million – just shy of the five-day record held by THE DARK KNIGHT.
As for holdover horror, fantasy, and science fiction films…

  • Up was in fourth place with $13,046,000. Five-week total: $250,218,000
  • Year One was in sixth place, down from fourth with $5,800,000. Two-week total: $32,207,000
  • Star Trek warped from #7 to #8 with $3,606,000. Eight-week total: $246,225,000
  • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian petrified at ninth place, down from sixth, with $3,500,000. Six-week total: $163,248,000
  • 11 8 Land of the Lost dropped out of the Top Ten, dropping from #8 to #11 with $1,143,000. Four-week total: $46,763,000
  • Terminator Salvation also left the Top Ten, going from tenth place to twelfth with $1,085,000. Six-week total: $121,922,000


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