Box Office: Thanksgiving audiences are Enchanted

The long Thanksgiving weekend showed audiences to be in a mood for light-hearted fantasy, while depressing horror took a dive into darkness. At least, that is what one would conclude from the debuts of ENCHANTED (at #1) and THE MIST (at #9).
Playing in 3,730 theatres, the Disney comedy, which mixes traditional animation with live-action in order to spoof the companies classic fairy tale movies, earned an estimated $35.3-million over the three-day session from Friday to Sunday. Combined with two-days of ticket sales from Wednesday and Thursday (the film opened early for Thanksgiving), ENCHANTED has earned $50.05-million in five days.
Frank Darabont’s adaptation of the Stephen King novella seeped into 2,423 theatres, where it enshrouded $9.06-million from Friday to Sunday. Adding the Wednesday-Thursday money brings the total up to a meagre $13.01-million. Expect to see THE MIST dissipate quickly from theatres and reforming on video shelves.
As for other fantasy, horror, and sci-fi films in the U.S. Top Ten…
BEOWULF descended from first to third place in its sophomore session, earning another $16.24-million. The two-week total is now $56.36-million.
BEE MOVIE buzzed from #5 to #2, where it polinated $12.01-million worth of tickets. After four weeks of release, the film’s U.S. total stands at an impressive $112.07-million.
FRED CLAUS slid down the chimney from #4 to #6, earning 410.74-million. The three-week total is now $53.07-million.
Dropping out of the Top Ten in only its second weekend of release was MR MAGORIOUM’S WONDER EMPORIUM. The misfired family fantasy added $8-million to its tiny two-week total of $22.29-million.
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