Box Office: Genre Shutout

This was another rare weekend when sci-fi-, horror, and fantasy titles were shut out of the win, place, and show positions, with THE GAME PLAN, THE HEARTBREAK KID, and THE KINGDOM landing in first, second and third, respectively.
The best genre showing was by RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION. In its third weekend in U.S. theatres, the film earned $4.2-million, raising its total to 43.74-million. That placed the film in the #4 slot, down one from the previous week.
The one new genre title, THE SEEKER: THE DARK IS RISING made its debut in fifth place with a dismal showing of $3.73-million, earned in 2,848 theatres. It seems unlike the film will launch a franchise.
The crude combo of comedy comedy and fantasy premise, GOOD LUCK CHUCK, dropped two positions, down to #6, where it added $3.5-million to its three-week total of $29.1-million.
In general, box office was poor this weekend; even the top earned, GAME PLAN, made only $16.26-million.
Read the complete Top Ten here.

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