Box Office: Comedies clobber "Kingdom"

With no new sci-fi, horror, or fantasy films in wide release, two debut comedies, BABY MAMA and HAROLD AND KUMAR ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY,  jumped to the top of this weekend’s box office, knocking last week’s winner, THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM, down to third place.

Jet Li and Jackie Chan beat up Harold in Guantanamo Bay - or maybe not.

FORBIDDEN KINGDOM, the martial arts fantasy starring Jacki Chan and Jet Lie, earned an estimated $11.23-million in its sophomore session, for a two-week total of $38.26-million.
As for other returning titles of interest to fans of cinefantastique
NIM’S ISLAND maintained its longitude at #5 for te second week in a row. The fantasy film earned $4.23-million, raising its four-week total to $28.95-million.
PROM NIGHT danced from sixth to third place in its third weekend, with a box office take of $4.4-million. that yielded a total of $38.12-million. Far from great, but better than other recent horror releases.
DR. SEUSS’ HORTON HEARS A WHO listened to the sound of $2.4-million in tickets sales, dropping from #8 to #9. After seven weeks, the film has earned $147.88-million in U.S. theatres – the only film this year to pass the $100-million mark.
NOTE: Greg McLean’s ROGUE opened in limited release this week, arriving in far too few theatres to make an appearance in the weekend Top Ten. The word “limited” turned out to be somewhat of an exaggeration: the film was not booked into theatres in New York or Los Angeles (the two biggest markets), instead appearing in only single theatres in cities like San Diego and San Francisco.
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