'BloodRayne: Third Reich' – Trailer

Here’s the trailer to BLOODRAYNE: THE THIRD REICH, coming from that that director fans seem to love  to hate, Uwe Boll.

It’s 1943 and the German army has spread its black tentacles across the European continent, mercilessly cutting a swath of destruction and carnage.
The Commandant’s soldiers, led by his trusted Lieutenant, tighten their iron grip on a small eastern town and facilitate the movement of transport trains to the nearby death camps. Meanwhile, a psychotic Doctor performs grisly experiments on people in the camps—and has a strange affinity for cutting open vampires, when he can get his hands on one.
And where there are vampires, there’s Rayne!
Now Rayne faces her greatest foe, a growing army of undead soldiers led by the Commandant. She and the Resistance must defeat the Commandant and his vampire troops before they manage to get back to Berlin, where they intend to make Hitler immortal.

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Starring Natassia Malthe (BLOODRAYNE: DELIVERANCE). Michael Pare (STARHUNTER), Clint Howard (FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON),  and Brendan Fletcher (FREDDY VS. JASON).
Written by former FX artist Michael Nachoff, based on the Terminal Reality/Majesco video game.
I didn’t know there was a BLOODRAYNE 2 — that one went direct to video, it seems.
Trailer via Twitchfilm, poster via Dread Central

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