"Batman 3" Rumors: Possible Villain, Plot, and Marketing?

riddlerbatman3A post at FirstShowing.net claims that the third installment in Chrisopher Nolan’s Batman saga will re-introduce a familiar and beloved Gotham villain into the film continuity: The Riddler. Not only is the infamous Edward Nigma said to be making an appearance in the much-anticipated sequel to THE DARK KNIGHT, but rumor has it that INCEPTION’s own Joseph Gordon-Levitt is “interested” in the role. The possibility still exists that additional villains may be thrown into the mix as well, including Catwoman, the Penguin, and/or Killer Croc.
But wait, there’s more. ComicBookMovie.com purports that they’ve uncovered a possible plot synopsis for the film:

Bruce Wayne buries himself in work as Batman and leaves his Bruce Wayne persona behind as their is nothing left for him no more and hasn’t been seen for 6 months in public and is said to be locked away in the newly built Wayne Manor.

This fits in with rumors that Warner Brothers recently purchased a whole host of internet domain names, including WheresBruceWayne.com. Could this be another viral marketing campaign similar to the “I Believe in Harvey Dent” site that accompanied THE DARK KNIGHT? At the time of this writing, the URL returns no result yet, but we’ll be monitoring it closely.
Now, once again, this is all rumor. But it certainly is something to think about!

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