Bana Cameo Comment Clarification

bana.jpgActor Eric Bana caused some confusion a week or two ago when he used the word “cameo” to describe his role as the villain NERO in the upcoming STAR TREK film. At a press junket for another film, Bana clarified his meaning. Cinematical asked the actor whether he was not in fact the main villain:

“Well, I guess he kind of is, but I guess what I mean is that in the context of the roles I usually do, the weight is firmly on other areas, you know what I mean? It’s not one of those roles where you’re carrying the movie, is what I’m saying. I feel like I’m very much in a supporting role, not one of the main guys. So ‘cameo’ is a way of saying I don’t feel like, as I am in this film or some other films, where you’re clearly carrying a lot of the film. It’s a luxury to not be in that position. It’s nice to be offered a part like that.”

Bana also expressed admiration for the original STAR TREK series but explained that that was not the motivation for his taking the role in the film:

I like the show, I liked the original as a kid. I loved it. I haven’t seen a lot of the movies since, but I was a fan of the original series. But that wouldn’t have been enough, even if I was crazy about the original series it wouldn’t have been enough to make me sign on to a film I didn’t want to do. I just read the script and I went ‘that is an awesome script’ and it’s J.J. and it’d be a good time, to play a character like that. It was a very easy decision.” 

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