"Merlin" Sticking With SyFy

After SyFy brought Series 2 of BBC’s MERLIN to U.S. audiences this past spring, UPI is reporting that the show will be remaining with SyFy for Series 3. SyFy Vice President of programming and original movies Chris Regina said:

“The enchanting imagination of Merlin proved very popular with our audience and we’re delighted to bring the series back for a third season on Syfy.”

Meanwhile FME North America senior VP of program distribution Lisa Honig said:

“We are extremely excited about the next season of Merlin returning on Syfy, following the success we had with the second series. We look forward to growing the audience and feeding the appetite of the devoteesdevotees who already love the program, the characters and the brand.”

"Green Lantern" Screenwriter Signs on for Sequel

Warner Bros/DC Entertainment must have been impressed with Michael Goldenberg’s work on GREEN LANTERN, because they’ve signed him up to write the sequel according to Variety.
Goldenberg (WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE) is now working on GREEN LANTERN 2, working off of a treatment by writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, who have also been involved in the first GREEN LANTERN film. This shows that DCE/WB are out to create a more unified film universe, possibly something akin to what Marvel has been working at for the past few years.
GREEN LANTERN opens in theaters on June 17th, 2011. No word yet on the sequel’s release date.

Scott Pilgrim Mock Posters

Five new mock posters highlight the oddball humor of the highly-anticipated SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD. The fake posters feature the films of Lucas Lee (played by actor Chris Evans), one of the evil exes that Scott Pilgrim must defeat.

Click to enlarge:

SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD premieres this Friday, August 13, 2010.

Six Images from BBC America's "Outcasts"

BBC’s OUTCASTS promises to be an addictive new space western, and now we have six new stills to back it up. (Click to enlarge)






The drama will focus on a group of colonists who are forced to leave an uninhabitable Earth and start a new settlement elsewhere. The BBC provides this official description:

With Earth no longer habitable, a group of courageous pioneers have traveled to another planet to begin again. They’ve built the town of Forthaven on Carpathia and have the unique opportunity of creating a new and better future on another planet. Led by President Tate (Liam Cunningham via Clash Of The Titans) and his core team of Stella (Hermione Norris, MI-5), Cass (Daniel Mays, Atonement) and Fleur (Amy Manson, Being Human), they’re determined to run the civilization in a democratic way, but some tough decisions in the past may prove divisive.
As the series begins, it’s a moment of incredible anticipation. Forthaven has lost all contact with Earth but the arrival of the last known transporter, with Julius Berger (Eric Mabius of Ugly Betty) on board, signals fresh hopes and dreams. But why does President Tate seem anxious about the imminent arrival of Berger and will the transporter land safely with Stella’s husband and daughter, who she heartbreakingly left behind?
Meanwhile those appointed Expeditionaries, Mitchell (Jamie Bamber, Battlestar Galactica) and Jack (Ashley Walters, Hustle), have a mission to explore the new planet and bring back vital information to the settlement. Will they find other life out there, or do they truly have the planet to themselves?
The settlers are a diverse group of individuals who left their old lives behind in extraordinary circumstances. They’ve been promised a second chance but are far away from home, friends, family and their pasts. Passionate about their jobs, confident of their ideals and optimistic about the future, they work hard to preserve what they’ve built on the planet they now call home.
Carpathia offers the possibility of redemption as the new inhabitants try to avoid the mistakes made on Earth. Inevitably they cannot escape the human pitfalls of love, greed, lust, loss, corruption and a longing for those they’ve left behind. As they continue to work and live together, they come to realize this is no ordinary planet. Is there a bigger purpose at work? Is the peace of Forthaven more fragile than they think?

OUTCASTS begins airing on BBC America in December.

Second Trailer for "Voyage of the Dawn Treader"

As the third Narnia film adaptation draws nearer and nearer, another trailer has made its way to the public eye. Check it out! Walt Disney Pictures’ THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER hits theaters on December 10, 2010

"An American Werewolf in London" Remake Lands Writer

According to the LA Times, writer Fernley Phillips is in talks with the Weinstein Brothers to write their upcoming remake of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. Phillips’ only produced screen credit to date is THE NUMBER 23 starring Jim Carrey. The Weinstein Company is expected to release the film under its Dimension Films label, which they usually reserve for genre pictures. They’ve brought Phillips on board for the purpose of bringing a more “modern spin” to the story. Are you a fan of the original? How does this strike you?

"Scott Pilgrim" Interactive Trailer

Haven’t seen the trailer for SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD? Well now you can view it in a unique way. I-Trailers has released an interactive version of the trailer, complete with an introduction by Edgar Wright and trivia about the film. This continues the off-the-wall marketing campaign the film has been receiving. If you’ve read the graphic novels at all, this indie-style of promotion shouldn’t come as a surprise.