Another THOR Photo

Thor_Hemsworth.jpgToday is a good day for THOR pictures.
USA TODAY, in a story about movies promoted at the San Diego Comic Con,featured this new shot of Chris Hemsworth in civies — but with the God of Thunder’s Uru Hammer.
Quoting Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige on the the power of Comic Con:
“Nobody believed in us when we brought Iron Man here. They said we were bringing our B-team in. I think we’ve proved that there’s no such thing. If you can impress Comic-Con fans, you’re in the big leagues.”
And Chris Hemsworth had this to say about comics fans:
“It’s a bit scary, the power and devotion they have. A couple of months ago I was feeling secure and went online to see what people were saying. Some people loved we were doing a movie; some people already hated it.
I’ll never read comments again.”
Yeah, we comics fans can be a demanding and unforgiving bunch, at times. The passion is understandable (for those who have felt it): after all, these four-color heroes are myths for the modern age. And mythology has always great power in the human heart and mind.
Photo: © Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures

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