Andrew Niccol is Mortal

Andrew Niccol
Andrew Niccol

Andrew Niccol (GATTACA, THE TRUMAN SHOW) has written a new sci-fi film called I’M MORTAL which New Regency are currently trying to secure. The Hollywood Reporter have the scoop on the film which is apparently set in a near future where the ageing gene has been turned off and time has become the new currency.

The idea is that this new currency is used to avoid overpopulation and is as a way to stop everyone living forever. If you’re rich with time then you’re immortal, but if not you die. The main character is a man who suddenly gains a fortune in time, but not quickly enough to save his dying mother. To make matters worse there’s also a bent police force called “the time keepers” after him.
The premise sounds rather intriguing but Niccol himself has never worked on anything particularly amazing and sometimes, as in the case of S1M0NE, he’s delivered right stinkers. Nevertheless it’s so early on it’d be unfair to entirely  dismiss what could to be a really interesting new sci-fi movie. Once Niccol casts the thing he’s planning to shoot this summer in LA. As usual, Cinefantastique Online will keep you posted with any and all updates.

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