All IMAX for "Batman 3"?

Pfister and Nolan
Pfister and Nolan

After THE DARK KNIGHT wowed audiences with its stunning visual sequences shot in IMAX format, director Christopher Nolan and his director of photography Wally Pfister are considering shooting the third installment in their series entirely in IMAX.
According to MTV, Pfister called the idea “my preferred, amazing goal,” adding, “I like IMAX more than I like 3-D.” Nolan voiced a similar opinion in June, saying that he was “not a huge fan of 3-D.” Personally, I’m with Pfister. While films made specifically for 3-D, like AVATAR and TOY STORY 3, are often visually striking, I still see 3-D as a kind of gimmick on the whole. I prefer a high resolution 2-D picture over a mediocre 3-D picture. If more high profile films would go the 2-D IMAX route instead of the second rate 3-D route (I’m looking at you, CLASH OF THE TITANS), the film industry could find itself in a much better place in the near future.
Obviously any final decision regarding the way “BATMAN 3” is shot will be the ultimate decision of Warner Bros., but it is interesting that Pfister and Nolan are even considering this. If they can provide Warner with a successful proof of concept, we might be seeing more all-IMAX films in the coming years!

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