Alien & the Ill-Advised World of Prequels: The Cinefantastique Roundtable Podcast 2:3

ALIENS (1986)
ALIENS (1986)

Seems that it was a good call, us taking the news portion of The Cinefantastique Podcast and mating it with what had to date been called the Cinefantastique Post-Mortem Podcast. Word that Ridley Scott is turning his scheduled ALIEN prequel into a kinda non-prequel puts Steve Biodrowski, Lawrence French, and Dan Persons in a ruminative mood, prompting a discussion of the cursed genre of prequels, followed by a desperate quest for the handful of “early years” follow-ups good enough to merit actual being watched.
Before that, there’ll be news and discussion of upcoming releases, a couple of listener responses to our SEASON OF THE WITCH review, and some thoughts on the nominees for Best Make-Up Oscars. Plus, many, many tangents and asides. Come join us!


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  1. First off, I owe you guys a cup of coffee for helping me get through long nights of illustrating, as I am a freelance concept artist and illustrator, and I listen religeously. I would buy you dinner but times are rough. Anyway, kick ass podcast fellas. The new format is awesome. Mixing the news and post Mortem is brilliant.
    In response to the Alien Prequel: The one thing that captivated my imagination when I was a boy was the conceptual design of the first Alien movie created by H.R GIGER. The Space jockey scene was something we had never seen before along with the Alien design which has been ripped off countless times in some fashion in other films, video games etc. So when I heard they were thinking about a prequel I had mixed feelings because in order to top the first Alien movie the concept and visual direction along with the creation of a cg animated or animatronic Space Jockey would have to be mind f*!*ing blowing.
    I am in agreement with you guys: why even go there and take away the mystery and awesomeness of that scene in the original? But to take a diffrent position, coming from an artistic viewpoint, if they can make it visually work and keep that mystery and mind blowing sense of wonder and dare I say “Aliengasm” we all felt watching the first film, that would be fine with me.
    Anyway keep that format guys I like it.

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