After Dark Horrorfest 4 – Jan 29 to Feb 4

The fourth installment of the annual After Dark Horrorfest opens for a one-week run in a handful of theatres across the country. This year’s group of “8 Films to Die For” includes DREAD, HIDDEN, KILL THEORY, LAKE MUNGO, THE FINAL, THE GRAVES, THE REEDS, and ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION. The festival will be screening in approximately 40 theatres around the country, including engagements in Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Seattle, Spokane, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Miami, Tampa, Chicago, Kansas City, Detroit, Boston, Cleaveland, and Nashville. (Click here for a complete list.)
Since its debut in November 2006, which managed to earn a slot at the bottom of the box office Top Ten on its opening weekend, the After Dark Horrorfest has been on a decline. At this point, the fest is basically a platform release to drum up interest for home video sales. However, this year’s assortment look promising, so the hardcore horror fans will probably want to prove their dedication by attending, if they are lucky enough to live near a theatre where the fest is playing.

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