Brody Stops 'Giallo' Release

Giallo (2009)According to The Hollywood Reporter ,  Adrien Brody (KING KONG) has won an injunction against the producers of Dario Argento’s GIALLO, essentially barring the film from being sold, marketed or distributed in the United States.
After discovering the filmmakers were short of  funds and had not placed his salary in escrow during filming, the actor consented to stay on the production, signing a legal agreement to defer his payment.  This was done with the condition granted that he had the  “absolute right to withhold consent to the use of his likeness in the Picture” until and unless he was paid in full.
This means the filmmakers can not use his face in advertising, and technically any scenes that showed him in the film—which would make distributing GIALLO next to impossible, barring massive and unlikely re-shoots. The film was released in other parts of the world in 2009.

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