2001 Documentary – Trailer

FX Master Douglas Trumbull and author/researcher David Larson are  making a unique documentary about Stanely Kubrick’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY , entitled 2001: BEYOND THE INFINITE — The Making of a Masterpiece.  
Using many previously unseen production designs and photographs, including hi-quality stills from Kubrick’s own archives of the film’s sets, Turmbull and Larson plan to film interviews with Trumbull, Keir Dullea, and Gary Lockwood (among others, and use greenscreen to integrate the subjects into the photos.  In this way,  the interviewees can interact with the scences and point out specific details to the viewer.
Douglas Trumbull, having been the instrumental in bringing the FX of 2001 to the screen in 1968, is in a remarkable position to reveal behind the scenes details.
Warner Brothers will be distributing.
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