Zone Films slices into "Piecemeal"

Hollywood Reporter tells us that Zone films is packaging a deal to make a horror film called PIECEMEAL, with Daniel Roby producing and directing next fall, from a screenplay by Jeff Welch.

Zone’s Daniel Roby and TCB Film’s Simon Trottier will produce the tale of a teen who struggles to control his rage while living the life of a brutally abused young man in recurring nightmares.
All the principals are well versed in genre films. The ICM/Gotham Group-repped Welch has penned sci-fi projects in development at Universal (“Zooport”) and Warner Bros. (“Human Nature”).
The ICM-repped Roby scored the Toronto International Film Festival’s best Canadian debut feature award for his Zone-produced vampire thriller “White Skin.” Trottier’s recent Toronto thriller “Martyrs” helped land director Pascal Laugier a gig helming Dimension’s next “Hellraiser” film.

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