'Zombies Vs. Vampires' — For NBC?

NightOLD_groupAccording to Deadline.com, NBC has signed a deal for ZOMBIES Vs. VAMPIRES, described as a “fun buddy cop procedural”.
One of the cops will secretly be a vampire, and his/her partner are both assigned to a unit that handles zombie crimes. You see, being a zombie is just a condition that can be controlled with the proper medication, and those afflicted can be part of normal society if they stay on their meds.
The project comes from Austin Winsberg, who created and produced the John Stamos starring sitcom JAKE IN PROGRESS. Warner Brothers Television and McG’s Wonderland Productions are developing the show. Winsberg, McG and Peter Johnson will serve as executive producers.
Sounds more like something for SyFy or maybe The CW — but what do I know?  There was a movie called VAMPIRES Vs. ZOMBIES (aka Carmilla, the Lesbian Vampire 2004). I’ve heard that was unintentionally funny, but I hasten to say that I’m sure there’s no relation.
Photo: Night of the Living Dead

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