X-Men: First Class — Trailer

Well, here it is — the first trailer for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.
Well, I can see why 20th Century Fox didn’t air it durning the Super Bowl: Downbeat and turgid, with no charm and surprisingly little  energy, despite the action bits shown.
It looked (to me) like a sci-fi/fantasy spin on a self-important Cold War political thriller.
Hopefully, the finished film will play better, paying off on the moments that seemed more interesting in the trailer. 
It does look like it’s well photographed.
Now of course,  an advance trailer is no clear sign of the quality of a feature. Some movies have great trailers and turn out poorly, and vice-versa.
I’m sure plenty of X-Men fans were thrilled by the very serious and portentous tone of this preview.

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