Wonder Woman Not Coming to TV

Linda Cater as WONDER WOMAN
Linda Carter as WONDER WOMAN

Deadline reports that DC Entertaiment/Warner Brothers Television’s proposed WONDER WOMAN TV series is being shelved for the time being. Apparently, all the major networks passed on David E. Kelley’s pilot script. 

The article indicates that this may be  due as much to bad timing as any other factor.

The Fox Network passed, as it’s suggested was an expected result. Un-named sources are said to claim that CBS was interested, but split on the idea. NBC may be a bit too much in flux at the moment, as new head of programing  Robert Greenblatt has not yet taken command.

It’s suggested that ABC’s passing on the series is “politically” motivated, as the network is owned by Disney, which now also owns Marvel Comics, and THE INCREDIBLE HULK and a series involving ALIAS’ s Jessica Jones/Jewel/Knightress character are in development.

The updating of the Wonder Woman character might be a good match for the Warner Bros./CBS joint venture, The CW — but the ambitiouslly concieved proposed show is assumed to be too expensive for the lower-budgeted network.

 However, the idea of a new Wonder Woman TV franchise is not dead, only consigned to limbo for the time being.

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