Sense of Wonder: Watch free full-length movies on Crackle's YouTube channel

Starman (1984)Last month I mentioned that Sony Entertainment had made many of its full-length movies – including several science fiction titles – available for free on Now comes word that Crackle has a YouTube channel, featuring some of the same content. Some of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror films available are STARMAN,  SON OF GODZILLA, and THE BREED; there are also television shows and original programming.
It’s YouTube, so of couse it’s all free, but you have to put up with advertising. Also, searching for a specific title is tricky: you have to use the YouTube search engine, plug in the title you want, and add “crackle” as a keyword. Not everything from the Crackle website is available on the YouTube channel, so for the time being you might just as well explore, especially if you are not just browsing but have a particular movie in mind.

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