U.S. Box Office: Compass points to #1

THE GOLDEN COMPASS – New Line’s attempt to recreate the success of their LORD OF THE RINGS franchise – easily took the #1 position this weekend, but it’s box office take was not overwhelming. Making its debut on 3,528 theatres in North America, the film had estimated earnings of $26.13-million. With middling reviews, the film will need strong word-of-mouth and repeat business to avoid a steep drop-off that could leave ticket sales falling well below the negative costs.
As for returning genre films…
ENCHANTED  conjured up $10.71-million in its third weekend of release. That was good enough for a second place after two weeks at #1. The total now stands at $83.87-million.
FRED CLAUS actually moved up ttwo slots from #6 to #4 during its fifth weekend, earning $4.66-million and raising its total to $.65.59-million.
BEOWULF dropped from second to fifth place in its fourth weekend, with a $4.4-million take raising the total to $75.98-million.
BEE MOVIE flew from #9 to #10 with $2.61-million. After six weeks of release, the film’s total stands at an impressive $121.03-million.
That was it for the Top Ten. Evaporating out of that exclusive list was THE MIST, which found itself at #11, down from #8. The third weekend in theatres netted 2.56-million, which yielded a weak $23.41-million total.
Read the complete Top Ten here.

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