Updating Clash of the Titans

Io9.com has an interview with screenwriters Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi about the upcoming remake of CLASH OF THE TITANS. Despite a few gratuitous swipes at the original, the writing team seems to have a good handle on updating the material for today’s audience. All of the monsters that stop-motion maestro Ray Harryhausen brought to life in 1981 will be back, courtesy of modern computer-generated imagery, but the emphasis this time is on the conflict between Gods and Men:

Manfredi: We focused on the interactions between the men and gods, and the journey of Perseus. He’s a demigod – a man and a god. And he’s trying to figure that out at a time when man is questioning his relationship to gods who have ruled with an iron fist. Our feeling is that he resists the god side of him. He chooses the side that is a man.
Hay: The Greek gods are not always benevolent. They can be capricious and lean heavy on punishment – Perseus is struggling with that. His family is collateral damage in a conflict between gods and man. In a way, it’s about his relationship between himself and his biological father. He’s been raised by a man he loves very much, but then he finds out his real dad is a god who he hates.

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