'Tron Legacy' Passes $100 Million Mark

Tron-Legacy_DiscThe Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision noted that as of Tuesday, Disney’s TRON LEGACY passed the $100 million mark in 12 days of release in the USA. It also picked up about $75 million in overseas markets.
The article points out that the $170 film pulled in about $25 million in IMAX showings alone, which is quite remarkable.  However, the article wonders if the film will have staying power, meaning repeat viewings by fans, and an apeal to wider audiences.
It’s said the rule of thumb is that a film need to gross about three times its cost to be profitable, which in theory would mean that the TRON sequel would have to make about $510 million world wide to put it safely in the black. With home video and ancillary rights, this should be achiveable in the long run. The original TRON was not a big hit in its theatrical run, but it’s generated some revenue ever since. 
With other big budget genere films in the works, including the Marvel projects and  Guillermo del Toro ‘s in-development re-boot of THE HAUNTED MANSION, and David Finchers 20,ooo LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, a cross-over audience is needed — without alienating the often hard-to-please genre fans.

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