Tron 3 Already in the Works

Promotional image for Tron Legacy
Promotional image for Tron Legacy

TRON LEGACY isn’t even released for another eight months, but according to The Hollywood Reporter Disney are already planning it’s sequel. Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (LOST), who worked on TRON LEGACY, have already begun writing a sequel for the studio.

No further details have emerged yet but rumours suggest that the writers are trying to tie all three films together as a coherent trilogy. Whether this means that LEGACY will have a cliff-hanger ending or whether the third film will focus on an unrelated storyline or spin-off is anyone’s guess at this point. Furthermore, none of the cast or crew have signed contracts for a third film and it hasn’t been greenlit as of yet.
These issues all rest upon the financial success of TRON LEGACY itself but Disney must be happy with what they’ve seen of the film so far if they’ve willing to start writing a third. We’ll know for sure when LEGACY is released on the 17th of December, later this year.

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