'Trek 2' Getting Re-writes

Spock_CharacterPoster_72DPIIn response to Zachary Quinto’s( Mr. Spock) recent comment that the script to the currently filming STAR TREK sequel is still undergoing rewrites, co-writer Roberto Orci told TrekMovie.com

“…you should know the story hasn’t change(d), the structure hasn’t changed, and the action sequences haven’t changed. Most changes are minor.
The changes I suspect Quinto is referring to are the character interactions as we fine tune the level of their various friendships. How well they all know each other and what they’ve all been through off screen is a nuanced yet essential part of the actors understanding where they are coming from with each other. While discussing the exact same plot elements, what they’ve been through colors their attitude toward each other.
And given that the time past (sic) in real life is different than the amount of time passed in the movie world, it takes a polish to get it just right. That’s what polishes (a legal contractual word in our contract) are for.
Does any of this mean the movie will be any good? No. But if it’s no good, it will be because we were wrong to execute exactly what we wanted. Not because we changed our minds or someone changed our minds for us. “

See the much longer comments at the link above, where Orci adds that some slight revisions are also necessary to accomodate changes in setting as director JJ Abrambs explores new equipment allowing greater camera movement, presumably within and between sets.  All this must of course be documented and reflected in the script on any complex production.
Nearly all films require some on-going rewrites during production  to allow for directors’ decisions, ideas generated by actor improvisations,  location opportunities, etc.

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