Trailer Park of Terror at Slam Dance

One of the film's trailer trash zombies.A few days ago, I mentioned the Slamdance Film Festival’s line-up of horror titles, which includes TRAILER PARK OF TERROR. Here is an excerpt of a press release touting the film’s world premier at the festival:

Trailer Park of Terror, based on the popular Imperium Comics horror anthology, has been selected by the Slamdance Film Festival to have its World Premiere on January 21, 2008 during the height of the festivities taking place in Park City, Utah.
In Trailer Park of Terror, six troubled teens become stranded in a ramshackle trailer park where they meet Norma, an undead, trailer-trash babe with a killer body and a cursed brood of Redneck Zombies . She along with her bloodthirsty Trailer Trash denizens make the teens’ lives a living hell.
The film stars Nichole Hiltz (The Riches, In Plain Sight) as Norma, with Lew Temple (The Devil’s Rejects, Waitress), Michelle Lee (Pirates of the Caribbean III), Myk Watford (No Country For Old Men, The Hoax), and Ed Corbin (Chrystal) as her zombie henchmen. The wayward teens are Hayley Marie Norman (Norbit, Deal or No Deal), Ryan Carnes (Letters from Iwo Jima, Desperate Housewives), Stephanie Black (The Lilac Papers), Ricky Mabe (Beautiful People) Jeanette Brox (Art School Confidential) and Cody McMains (Vicious Circle) with Matthew Del Negro (The West Wing) as their pastor. Priscilla Barnes (The Devil’s Rejects) and country music legend Trace Adkins also appear. Directed by Steven Goldmann (Broken Bridges), the movie is written by Timothy Dolan (Conan: Red Nails) and produced by Jonathan Bogner.
Producers Jonathan Bogner and David Tischman met the comic’s creators, Christopher March and James Dracoules, in 2005 at the Comic-Con in San Diego and work began immediately to adapt the comic anthology into a live action horror feature film.

The official website offers a trailer and some behind the scenes video. With a villainess named after Norman Bates’ mother in PSYCHO, the story obviously has its tongue pressed firmly in its cheek, and the film could be fun, but the numerous wisecracks in the trailer feel like a weak throwback to ’80s horror, like the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET sequels. The zombie makeup is by Drac Studios, whose creative director Greg Cannom won an Academy Award for his work on BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA.

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