The Walking Dead Lead is Cast

Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln

Last month we reported that Frank Darabont’s AMC zombie TV series, THE WALKING DEAD, had been greenlit and now Comingsoon have the scoop that Andrew Lincoln (ENDURING LOVE, LOVE ACTUALLY) has been cast in the lead role. The announcement from AMC also includes the addition of Jack LoGiudice (SONS OF ANARCHY) as Co-Executive Producer.

Previous reports had Johnny Lee Miller pegged to play the part of Rick Grimes, the leader in a group of survivors trying to stay alive in the wake of a zombie apocalypse, but it seems AMC had other ideas. “Andrew is an incredibly gifted actor. He has the presence and attitude to bring this character and story to life. We are thrilled that he is joining the cast,” Joel Stillerman, SVP of original programming, production and digital content at AMC said.
Robert Kirkman, writer for the comic book series, also had this to add, “Andrew Lincoln, wow — what an amazing find this guy is. Writing Rick Grimes month after month in the comic series, I had no idea he was an actual living breathing human being and yet here he is.” Encouraging words indeed but I just don’t see it as a viable fit. Andrew Lincoln is by no means a bad actor but he hasn’t shown the capability for such an aggressive, messed-up character such as Rick. So far he’s mostly played rom-com fodder but he could, of course, surprise me by displaying range I was unaware he was capable of.
We’ll know for sure when THE WALKING DEAD hits TV screens later this October.

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