The 'Superman' That Wasn't

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Make-up/Fx Artist Steve Johnson’s Facebook Page displayed a number of pictures of suits that were developed for Warner Brothers’ Tim Burton directed version of the never-filmed SUPERMAN LIVES.
This would have been a film inspired by the Death of Superman arc in DC Comics, and would have starred Nicolas Cage (GHOST RIDER) as the Man of Steel.
I would speculate that these were to be Cage’s “resurrected” Superman outfits, after being “killed” by Doomsday. (Or was it a giant robot Spider?)
My opinion? Superman fans may have dodged a bullet with the collapsed of this film, based as much as from the casting, script excerpts and rumors as from these pictures. The suits actually look pretty good, but perhaps not acceptable as the iconic Superman. 
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There are a number of additional pictures at the site linked above.

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