The Punisher: War Zone – Trailer

THE PUNISHER: WAR ZONE is set to open on Friday, December 5. If your memory cells are dim regarding 2004’s THE PUNISHER, don’t fret – the studio seems to be counting on that. The sequel features a mostly new cast and crew, suggesting that no one was much concerned about living up to fond memories of the previous film. Variety’s review is quite entertaining in its own right, probably more so than the film itself:

Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, was last seen in 2004 unleashing his inner homicidal maniac on the mobsters who killed his wife and children. In the latest installment, “Punisher: War Zone,” Frank is played by Ray Stevenson, taking over for the original’s Thomas Jane, but he remains divinely ticked off: “Sometime, I’d like to get my hands on God,” he mutters, still unafraid to take matters to the top. Gore-drenched actioner is guaranteed to draw fans of wretched excess like moths to a nuclear holocaust.

Derived from the Marvel Comic book character, the Punisher may not, technically, be a “superhero” in the usual sense, but he comes close enough to be considered a fantasy character. (As the Variety review dryly notes, he is “virtually indestructible, until the fight choreography says he’s not.”

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