'Terra Nova' Loses Producer, Gains Actor?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer David Fury (24) has left the Fox Network’s time-travel dinosaur series TERRA NOVA.
Unnamed sources tell the site that Fury left due to “creative differences” while writing the pilot with Brannon Braga (STAR TREK: TNG, 24). Braga will remain as the ‘show-runner’ producer for the Steven Spielberg series.
It’s unclear if David Fury’s differences were with Brannon Braga, or higher up the chain of command.
LANG_AVATARMeanwhile, Deadline.com says that Steven Lang (AVATAR, CONAN) is in serious talks to play Frank Taylor, who they describe as “the charismatic and ruthless leader of the Terra Nova settlement.”
The article claims Lang was long favored for the the role, but unavailable due to feature commitments until recently.
UPDATE 9/17: Deadline.com is confiming that Steven Lang has signed for the role of Frank Taylor.

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