Takashi Shimizu's The Shock Laybrinth – German trailer

There is now a German trailer available for THE SHOCK LABYRINTH, a new 3D J-Horror film from Takashi Shimizu, the director who gave us the JU-ON films and their first two American remakes, THE GRUDGE and THE GRUDGE 2. The storyline follows some friends trapped in a maze-like haunted house attraction, and it is based on/inspired by the real-life Labyrinth of Horrors at the Fuji-Q High Land amusment park, near Mount Fuji. Advance word has not been that great, but the trailer certainly looks interesting. No word yet on possible U.S. distribution.
In case you want to know what the German narration is saying, you can watch an English-language translation below. Unfortunately, the video resolution is much lower in this version of the trailer.


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