New 'Thunderbirds', Anderson Stamps

According to, creator/producer Gerry Anderson confirmed that he has made a deal to bring a new THUNDERBIRDS TV series to the screen. 
A non-disclosure agreement apparently limits what he can say about the new show, though he’s quoted as saying on BBC Radio 5:   

“I don’t want to sound conceited, but because I’m going to make it…I’m confident that it will be a smash hit!”

Hopefully Anderson will be correct, because the Johnathan Frakes directed live action version of the 1960’s “Supermarionation” hit was a notable misfire.
The announcement came on the same day (Jan. 11th) that the UK’s Royal Mail unveiled a series of postage stamps featuring Gerry Anderson’s
best loved science fiction puppet shows.
Via the BBC:

The stamps, split between 1st Class and 97p values, feature six of his most popular vehicles and characters: SUPERCAR, FIREBALL  XL5, STINGRAY, THUNDERBIRDS, CAPTAIN SCARLET  and JOE 90 (largely unseen in the U.S.-ed. note).
This stamp issue also includes Royal Mail’s first motion stamps on a miniature sheet using a method called “micro lenticular” printing to re-enact the famous “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” opening sequence to THUNDERBIRDS.  (Seen in the video)

Gerry Anderson with Thundebird 2 stamp, under the watchful eyes of the indestructibel Captain Scarlet.
Gerry Anderson with Thundebird 2 stamp, under the watchful (and somewhat disconcerting) eyes of the indestructible Captain Scarlet.

It’s unknown at this time what format the new THUNDERBIRDS might take. There was a cartoon ‘sequel’ version, and the afore-mentioned live action feature. In more recent years, Gerry Anderson’s CAPTAIN SCARLET returned in an updated computer animated version, which garnered some fans, but didn’t get (as far as I know) U.S. airplay.
Anderson may be more familiar to American fans as the creator of the live action sci-fi series UFO and SPACE: 1999.

'Paul' — UFO Alien Comedy Trailer

PAUL is a comedy by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg (SHAUN OF THE DEAD).

“Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite for the comedy adventure Paul as two sci-fi geeks whose pilgrimage takes them to America’s UFO heartland. While there, they accidentally meet an alien who brings them on an insane road trip that alters their universe forever.
For the past 60 years, an alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen) has been hanging out at a top-secret military base. For reasons unknown, the space-traveling smart ass decides to escape the compound and hop on the first vehicle out of town-a rented RV containing Earthlings Graeme Willy (Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Frost). Chased by federal agents and the fanatical father of a young woman that they accidentally kidnap, Graeme and Clive hatch a fumbling escape plan to return Paul to his mother ship. And as two nerds struggle to help, one little green man might just take his fellow outcasts from misfits to intergalactic heroes…”

Directed by Greg Mottola (SUPERBAD), PAUL  also stars Kristen Wiig, Jane Lynch,  Sigourney Weaver, Jason Bateman, and Jeffrey Tambor.
Due in theaters March 18th, 2011 from Universal Pictures.