'Thor' Costume Concept Art

ThorConceptArtThanks to Collider.com, fans can see concept art of Chris Helsworth as THOR.
This artwork even gives us an idea of what the God of Thunder’s mighty Uru hammer Mjolnir might look like in action.
(Click on pic for larger version.)
Not bad at all. Hopefully, his helmet will also appear in the film (looking similar to one of the comic book iterations), though I suppose it’s logical that he would only wear it in battle.
The Kenneth Branagh directed THOR is due out May 6th, 2011 from Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures.
Check out a few more shots at the Collider link above.

1st Thor Pic Online

Thor_CropHere’s the 1st glimpse of Chris Hemsworth (George Kirk in STAR TREK) as the titular Marvel Comics hero in THOR. See it larger at Yahoo Movies
THOR also stars Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard, and  Tom Hiddleston (WALLANDER) as Loki.
Writers: Screenplay by Ashley Miller (ANDROMEDA) & Don Payne (RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER) and others, including Mark Protosevich (THE CELL)
Directed by Kenneth Branagh (FRANKENSTEIN)
In theaters from Marvel Studios / Paramount Pictures May 6th, 2011.
Looks like a step up from the god of Thunder’s last live-action outing

Thor Shoot Update from Kenneth Branagh

Thor director Kenneth Branagh
Thor director Kenneth Branagh

THOR, the new Marvel comic book adaptation, has been in production since January now and director Kenneth Branagh (FRANKENSTEIN, THE MAGIC FLUTE) has just updated the LA Times on its progress. Here he describes the visual style he’s going for with the film as well as attempting to play down any nasty rumours about on-set fights between his actors.

Branagh has some extremely promising ideas for the film, stating that it will be,

Inspired by the comic book world both pictorially and compositionally at once, we’ve tried to find a way to make a virtue and a celebration of the distinction between the worlds that exist in the film but absolutely make them live in the same world. It’s about finding the framing style, the color palette, finding the texture and the amount of camera movement that helps celebrate and express the differences and the distinctions in those worlds. If it succeeds, it will mark this film as different…. The combination of the primitive and the sophisticated, the ancient and the modern, I think that potentially is the exciting fusion, the exciting tension in the film.

I’d certainly have to agree with the director here. THOR is in need of something that will give it a little bit of prestige, something that will set it apart from the thousands of other superhero films, and if he manages to pull off this vision then it’ll definitely make THOR one to watch. On the rumoured clash between stars Anthony Hopkins and Chris Hemsworth,

It’s going very, very well. We’re in New Meixco [sic] now where we have a contemporary Earth part of our story. I guess we’re two-thirds of the way through the story and at this stage of the game what’s surprising and delighting me is the way the cast, the ensemble, has fused together. It’s kind of an interesting combination of very young and very experienced people and the double-up of that, it seems to me, is there is a lot of fire in the movie.

Based on this quote, any rumours about on-set fighting seem completely unfounded, which can only be a good thing. No stills or trailer have been released thus far but I’d be surprised if nothing materialised at this years Comic Con. THOR is set for release on the 6th of May, 2011.

Cine Fools interviews writer Ashley Miller on Thor

Cine Fools has posted an interview with screenwriter Ashley Miller, who describes what he is trying to bring to his the script for the big-screen adaptation of THOR:

Grit. Not in the sense that you’d want to see a generic “dark” take on Thor, but in the sense that you want to feel Thor’s rage when he rages. You want to see him fight like hell, and take as much he dishes out — maybe more. You want to have a visceral reaction to the guy, and what happens to him. You don’t want his adventures to be clean and antiseptic. You want to see the dirt, and grime and blood. You want to feel every bone crunching moment of every fight. And when he unleashes the storm, you want to feel like you’re seeing the power of a GOD at work.

Miler also explains that the script is being written with the bigger Marvel universe in mind, meaning that the character of Thor could cross over into other films inspired by Marvel comics, including the upcoming AVENGERS flick that has been promised by the last minute footage for the endings of both IRON MAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK. This seems part and parcel of the recent strategy of Marvel comics adaptations, whose effectiveness is sometimes diluted from mixing too many famous characters into the brew.

Captain Kirk's father picks up Thor's hammer

Hollywood Reporter tells us that actor Chris Hensworth – last seen as Captain Kirk’s ill-fated father in the new STAR TREK – has been cast as Thor in Marvel Studios’ film version of their popular comic book character. He will also take on the lead role in a remake of RED DAWN. A young Australian actor, Hensworth has also been cast in CABIN IN THE WOODS, a horror film from producer and -cowriter Joss Whedon, planned for a February 2010 release date.
Writes the Reporter:

Deals for both “Thor” and “Dawn,” first reported in Deadline Hollywood Daily, are not quite squared away; the “Thor” deal is contingent on the latter film’s shooting scheduling. It’s due to film in August. “Thor,” to be directed by Kenneth Brannagh, is FX-intensive and requires a longer pre-production period. It is scheduled for a May 2011 release.