Bambi, Gulliver's Travels: CFQ Podcast 2:15.2 – Laserblast Home Video

BAMBI, now out in a Diamond Edition Blu-ray release.

What’s happening in the world of Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction home video releases? Listen in and find out, as Dan Persons, Lawrence French, and Steve Biodrowski run down the week’s new releases including a “Diamond Edition” Blu-ray release of the Walt Disney Picture’s classic, BAMBI, and the home-vid debut of GULLIVER’S TRAVELS, the disappointing Jonathan Swift adaptation starring Jack Black, which made a hasty exit from theatres a few months back.
Also on the table for discussion: recent direct-to-video films HYENAS and THE ZOMBIE FARM, and the recent director’s cut DVD of CHARLES BEAUMONT: THE SHORT LIFE OF TWILIGHT ZONE’S MAGIC MAN, about the talented author and screenwriter whose career was cut short by tragic early death.