Steven Moffat's Jekyll: Cinefantastique Podcast Spotlight #2

Bloody Good Monster: James Nesbitt as JEKYLL.
Bloody Good Monster: James Nesbitt in JEKYLL.

And the dream comes true for one young, idealistic podcast host. After months of campaigning, Dan finally gets a chance to bring Steven Moffat’s (DOCTOR WHO) BBC series, JEKYLL, to the table for an extended discussion. Listen in as CFQ editor Steve Biodrowski and‘s John W. Morehead join Dan Persons in a spirited and detailed appraisal of this updated sequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novella, and learn whether this radical reenvisioning — featuring standout performances by James Nesbitt (BLOODY SUNDAY) and Gina Bellman (COUPLING), plus corporate conspiracies, weird science and, oh yes, lesbian private detectives — is worth your time.


Mr. Hyde Comic to Screen

HYDE_WThe Hollywood Reporter carried the story that Skydance Prods., Dark Horse Entertainment and producer Mark Gordon will turn the upcoming Dark Horse comic The Strange Case of Hyde into a feature film.
Written by screenwriter Cole Haddon (THIEVES OF BAGDAD), the as-yet-unseen comic book will debut at Comic Con this weekend.
It’s a not an adaption of Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novella, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This version is a different take on the Jekyll & Hyde mythos that will make the dual character “the center of a Victorian-era action-adventure that sees him go head-to-head against a historical villain.”
Sounds a little bit like THE LEAGE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMAN’s Hyde— more the movie version than the graphic novel’s.
If the idea is to make Mr. Hyde into a transformational superhero, that’s been done before, too. There was minor golden-age superhero called The Terror  that used that shtick.
One of Stan Lee’s main inspirations for The Hulk was the Jekyll/Hyde idea, suped-up for the atom age.
Baldwin_HYDEThe Francis Ford Coppola (DRACULA)-produced DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE (1999) starred Adam Baldwin as a heroic Jekyll who transformed into Mr. Hyde to track down his wife’s killers in the Far East.
But the Hyde as hero angle—if that indeed is what this might be—is a workable idea, and might make for a fun comic and movie.