'Shelf Life'— New Internet Series

ShelfLife-logo_SmallAccording to their press release the new internet series SHELF LIFE will be hitting this year’s Comic Con.

Created and produced by Yuri Lowenthal(Terminator: TSCC, Ben 10: Alien Force, Legion of Superheroes) and Tara Platt (The Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Afterworld) the live-action
scripted series follows the irreverent antics of four action figureson a young boy’s shelf.
Scheduled to premiere in late summer 2011, the first season of SHELF LIFE introduces us to Hero Man (Travis Willingham: Thor, Transformers,Marvel Super Hero Squad), Hero Lass (Tara Platt), Bug Boy (Yuri Lowenthal) and Samurai Snake (Bryan Enk) as they navigate political, religious and sexual ground from the pint-sized perspective of an action figure.
SHELF LIFE Season One was written by Lowenthal and Eisner Award-winning comic book writer Paul Jenkins (Inhumans, Captain America, Wolverine: Origin) and is directed by Jenkins. It was produced under Lowenthal and Platt’s Monkey Kingdom Productions shingle in conjunction with Stephanie Thorpe’s (Elf Quest: A Fan Imagining, Night of the Zombie King, After Judgment) Ultimatum Entertainment. The series was shot at Monkey Kingdom Studios in downtown Los Angeles.
“It’s a high concept idea, and it was very important to us to have high production values and high quality scripts as well,” Platt says. “Technology has made it easier and cheaper to shoot and distribute shows via the Internet, but we didn’t want to use that as an excuse for putting out a show that wouldn’t be competitive even if you were watching it on TV.”
Lowenthal adds, “I’m a nerd. I wanted to make the kind of thing that my friends and I would watch. It’s got the four S’s: Sex, Social commentary, Slapstick and Superheroes. It’s like Toy
only we say ‘fu*k’ a lot more.”
As the widespread popularity of fast, funny, and easily accessible web content like The Guild, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long-Blog, Red vs Blue and others grows, fans have turned almost exclusively to the Internet to feed their growing hunger of shows that cater to their aesthetic.
Fans of comic books, action figures, super heroes, who may be looking for a naughtier version of the Toy Story films, should be pleased to discover SHELF LIFE.
For more information on SHELF LIFE the Series, visit www.ShelfLifeSeries.com or watch the comic-con exclusive trailer premiering July 20th, 2011 on www.YouTube.com/ShelfLifeTheSeries