'Smallville' Season 10 – Trailer

The CW has posted this Season Ten trailer for SMALLVILLE.
Using footage from previous years, and some new clips, the teaser gives us a glimpse of what has come before, and promises that this year will feature the pay-off.
There are also brief comments from producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders.
SMALLVILLE’s season premeire will be Friday, September 24th at 8:00 PM ET/PT on the CW Network.

Lois Lane's Dad & Sis on 'Smallville'

IronsideTV Guide broke the news that Lois Lane’s (Eric Durance) father and sister will make return appearances on SMALLVILLE this Fall.
No-nonsense General Sam Lane (Michael Ironside) and younger, rebellious sister Lucy Lane (Peyton List),  are both said to be featured in an episode of the CW series, airing in late October.
It’s been a long wait; the General and Lucy last appeared in separate  episodes back in the fourth season of the show, now in it’s tenth and final year.
Genre favorite Michael Ironside (STARSHIP TROOPERS, V: The Series) has also provived the voice of Superman’s foe Darkseid in animated form, said to be this season’s of SMALLVILLE’s maj0r menace.  Could he be enticed to do the voice-acting again? A little freaky to use Lois’s dad as the extraterestrial villain—but what a voice! 
Peyton_ListPeyton List recently appeared in the SF show FLASH FOWARD.

'Smallville' Spoilers

Check out the Entertainment Weekly interviews with SMALLVILLE producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Sounders, plus a chat with Erica Durance (Lois Lane).
Among the news/spoilers: Keri Lynn Pratt will play Cat Grant, Daily Planet reporter with an eye on Clark Kent.
The Cat Grant character has previously been seen in the comics and on the TV series LOIS & CLARK.
James Marsters (BUFFY, ANGEL) will return, this time as Brainiac 5.
In the WB interview clip, star and producer Tom Welling talks briefly about the show and the attractions of science fictiom.

Supergirl Returns To 'Smallville'

SMALV_KARA_WEntertainment Weekly reports that Laura Vandervoort (V) will reprise her role as Clark Kent’s Kryptonian cousin Kara this fall on SMALLVILLE’s Tenth and last Season.
The episode is said to be set to air tentatively in October.
When last we saw “Supergirl”, she had left Earth to search for the possibly surviving city of Kandor.
In Season Nine, we were shown that duplicates of soldiers defending that city had been made years before the ill-fated planet Krypton was destroyed.
Clark was forced to send them all — mistakenly released on our planet and lead to the brink of war against Earth by Zod — to a haven created for them by his father Jor-El in the seson finale of the CW Network show.

'Smallville' SPOILER Cast News


IGN has a report of a former series regular returning for the September 24th premeire of SMALLVILLE’s tenth season.


It’s not Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor), though it’s been heavily hinted that his character is NOT dead. Instead, it’s another character, who has been deceased on the show for several seasons.


In the seemingly very aptly named episode LAZARUS, John Schnieder returns as Johnathan Kent, Clark Kent’s adoptive father — who died back in Season Five.

John Schnieder as Pa Kent

Is this an actual resurrection, or is the Lazarus of the title Clark Kent, last seen falling off the roof of a Metropolis sky-scraper with a super power-removing blue kryptonite dagger imbedded in his side? Or does it refer to the pronounced dead Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman), last seen having her deathbed intruded upon by a mysterious matronly figure? Or the missing Green Arrow (Justin Hartley)?
Clark has seen his father return before in a dream-form, and as imitated by Brainiac (James Marsters), so it could be a near-death experience, or some other imposture — however, the item also says that John Schnieder will appear in “at least” one more episode in this new and final season.
I’m sure The CW hopes all the show’s fans will tune in.

The CW's Fall Genre Premieres


Here’s a rundown on The CW Networks season premieres from the press release, including their new version of the female super-spy NIKITA, based on LA FEMME NIKITA. 
Check out this preview video clip from the upcoming show.

On Thursday, September 9, the network’s #1 show, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) returns for a second season and leads into new action-drama series NIKITA (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET). NIKITA stars international action-film star and martial arts expert Maggie Q (“Mission Impossible III”) in the title role as a spy and assassin for a top secret U.S. government agency, who rebels against the system that created her and will stop at nothing to bring their powerful operation to an end.
On Friday, September 24, SMALLVILLE (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) kicks-off its tenth and final season with the non-stop action and classic DC Comics characters viewers love, followed by the sixth season of SUPERNATURAL (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET).
 And tonight on  MOONLIGHT, the short-lived CBS vampire show, which the CW is buring off in its ‘Summer Season’:

“Mick (Alex O’Loughlin) hunts a teenaged vampire who is preying on female escorts he finds on the Internet. Meanwhile, Mick and Beth (Sophia Myles) try to avoid each other after sharing an intimate moment. Shannyn Sossamon and Jason Dohring also star.
ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT — Michael Fields directed the episode written by Chip Johannessen.”

Season 10 'Smallville's' Last

SMALV_LnCHollywood Life quotes series star/executive producer Tom Welling as confirming that Season 10 be the final one for the long-running CW show.
“Season 10 of SMALLVILLE will be the last season” Welling told the site.

This news has been expected, as the producers have mentioned it online, and it’s been known for two years that the star’s re-negotiated contract only called for him to continue in the role of young Clark Kent for this past season and the next.
The CW will likely make an official announcement at it’s press “Upfront” on their new season, tomorrow.
Still unknown at this time is whether co-star Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan) will be signing as regular for the final season.
UPDATED: Mack will not be returning as a regular. See article.